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In Memoriam
Mark A. Corchin

Chris Nye wishes to be added as "one of the appreciative
souls who enjoyed Mark during his time here."
I, too, would like to add my sympathies.

I had done some Appleworks and training work for him at his office in Valley Forge, especially at one point when his secretary, Tammy, had lost her husband when he died unexpectadly in his sleep. He was also very supportive of me during my 'spam' debacle a few years back. Sorry to see him go. He had quite the adventuresome life, and a truly loving, active family.

Read Mark's Member-of-the-Month Page


Mark's Flower & Beetle was the MLMUG Photo of the Month in April 2006


One short movie with Mark as the star instead of the
producer is at MLMUG's .Mac Site: Multimedia SIG 10/05

Another movie produced by Wolfgang Gunther, who describes it
as "a very typical few seconds of how Mark reacted to the world ."


Mark was a prolific reviewer of applications, books, training DVDs and whatever
needed his discerning eye. Here are links to all his MLMUG reviews:

Inside .Mac
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
Total Training for Mac OS X
Photoshop CS Bible, Professional Edition
Digital Photography -- Expert Techniques
The Photoshop CS Book For Digital Photographers


Read Mark's Obituary
in the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News

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