MLMUG New Users

Special Interest Group (SIG) for newer Mac and iPad users

Bob Barton - SFL Leader

This is a special interest group (SIG) to help newer Mac and iPad users be more efficient with their equipment. Membership in MLMUG is encouraged - only $25 for 12 months for an individual or $35 for a family.

Photos (Photos by Carol Campanelli)


Some attendees           More attendees           Bob Barton in action


From Route 202,
From Route 30,

At the entrance to Hershey's Mill,

Stay to the left at the gatehouse (assuming you are not a HM resident) and pull up to the door.
Tell the guard you are coming to the MLMUG computer meeting in the Community Center. He will open the gate.
If asked, indicate your Hershey's Mill resident contact is Carol Campanelli at 1583.

Go through the gate and up the hill.
The Community Center is the second road on the right.
One parking lot is in the front of the building but there is a larger lot at the rear of the building - follow the road to the left of the Community Center.
If you park in front, go in the front door, down a couple of stairs and then up the stairs on the left. Go through the 1st room to the rear room.
If you park by the back entrance (Hershey's Mill Library), take a right up the stairs and turn left after the door at the top of the stairs.

ADMITTANCE: Hershey's Mill has an admittance policy where they must have a list (from the sponsoring person) of people from outside the Mill who will be attending any meeting in the Mill.
Carol (our sponsor) may submit a general list of those who usually attend, so she would appreciate an email (to ) from those of you who do attend, at least periodically.
So if you plan on attending our 4th Saturday's meetings, please let Carol know.

Directions in Pictures (click on the picture)

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