MLMUG 2021 Meetings

Meetings coordinator: Maria Argüelo
The following is the calendar of meetings for 2021:

Speaker: Dan Wassink

Topic: Dan's Tutorials

Dan will present Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Apple stuff. Please email him your 'ask' prior to the meeting at and indicate it is for the MLMUG meeting. Dan will also provide insight on how he puts his videos together. This will be fun.

Dan has provided some of his tutorials Here for MLMUG members with no signup required.


Dan Wassink is the the owner, trainer, and most everything else for Dan's Tutorials. He personally has been working on the Mac for over 30 years, starting out in the magazine publishing industry. He then went to work for Apple as a Genius helping people on a daily basis with their Apple devices. He decided to develop tutorials and offer them through online and through the App Store. He quit Apple and hasn't looked back. He also helps out a local private school that is all Apple based. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn more about their Apple products through his tutorials.

Date: January 9 via Zoom
Speaker: Terry Wilson

Topic: Cut the cord to Microsoft Office with Apple Pages and Numbers

When Terry Wilson said goodbye to QuarkXPress after retiring from a career in graphic arts, she still found the need to create printed materials for personal use. Moving to Pages also gave her a reason ditch an aging Word app, soon followed by Numbers replacing Excel of the same vintage.

Pages has matured into a competent word processing and page layout application, and Numbers organizes data just fine, with a more intuitive interface.

Terry's presentation will demonstrate how these Apple applications are competent replacements for the two Office apps, and even page layout software.

Video of Zoom meeting - first 75 minutes are Q&A, last 115 minutes are Terry's presentation.

Video of meeting


Terry moved to California in 2011 from New Jersey but Covid has paved the way for her to do zoom meetings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania after well over 10 years. Terry is a 30+ year member of PMUG and a past presenter and supporter of MLMUG. When we had inperson holiday parties we used her website, which still manages the potlucks.

Date: February 13 via Zoom
Speaker: Michael Blank

Topic: Pixlr, the Free Web-Based Photo & Graphics Editing Program

Adobe Photoshop has a well-earned reputation for being among the top photo and graphics editing programs. However, not everyone needs to use its powerful feature-set every day. Advanced users may also not be happy with Photoshop's subscription plan, nor find that free editing programs meet their needs.

One interesting alternative is Pixlr (,) a free Web-based program which can meet occasional photo and graphics editing needs, yet has some of Photoshop's more powerful features (like simultaneous crop & resize, layers, and masks.)

PMUG's Michael Blank will demonstrate Pixlr version E ( -- he will start by introducing the program's interface and tools, show how to use it for basic photo editing tasks, go through some of its more advanced features, then take you step-by-step and show how to make graphics from scratch with it.


Michael Blank has been PMUG's Webmaster since 1995, and a member since 1989. He also manages the group's Twitter ( and Instagram ( accounts, and produces its Monthly Meetings Podcast. Michael is a Website designer for the Princeton Internet Group. (

Date: March 13 via Zoom
Speaker: Gary Rosenzweig from MacMost

Topic: Fun with Text in Pages

Learn how to use advanced text options in Pages

Pages on a Mac has a variety of tools for making text interesting. You can fill text with colors and gradients, or even images. You can add a border to text, and also shadows and background colors. And these tips will also work in Mac Keynote and Numbers too.


Gary Rosenzweig is the host and producer of MacMost, a website and YouTube channel with daily Mac and Apple tutorials. Gary has written more than 40 books on computers and has published more than 20 online courses. He is also a website and app developer.

Date: April 10 via Zoom
Dave Hamilton
Speaker: Dave Hamilton

Topic: PLEX

Stream Movies, Shows, Live TV, and more

There's one topic I've always avoided presenting in person despite regular requests, but have recently found it works VERY well over Zoom: PLEX ( With everyone looking at their screens, we can really have a truly interactive conversation about Plex while truly *showing* things in a way that everyone can actually see what's going on.


Dave Hamilton has presented to MLMUG several times, last in May 2019, and is an engaging speaker. In 1988, Dave Hamilton co-founded The Mac Observer, an online magazine and one of the leading daily news sites for the Macintosh community. Dave is also President and co-founder of BackBeat Media, a publisher service agency representing the advertising and operations activities of consumer technology-focused Websites and Podcasts, helping them to grow their businesses. Additionally, he is the publisher and co-host of the Mac Geek Gab Podcast, launched in 2005, which is one of the top Mac Podcasts in the market today. Dave maintains his Blog at

Date: May 8 via Zoom
Speaker: Rob Golding

Topic: To be Determined<


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Date: June 12 via Zoom
Speaker: Take a Break

Topic: Relax

BIO: Back in September

MLMUG's Newer Users Special Interest Group meets from 10 AM to Noon on the 4th Saturday of each month. Go to the Home page for details.

Date: July
Speaker: On vacation

Topic: Relax some more

BIO: Back next month

MLMUG's Newer Users Special Interest Group meets from 10 AM to Noon on the 4th Saturday of each month. Go to the Home page for details.

Date: August
Speaker: Aric Pedersen

Topic: Virtualizing MacOS for Fun and Utility


Date: September 11 via Zoom
Speaker: Joe Kissell

Topic: To be Announced


Date: October 9 via Zoom
Speaker: Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
Topic: To be Announced


Date: November 13 via Zoom
Speaker: Keith Johnson

Topic: FileMaker Pro


Date: December 11 via Zoom