MLMUG 2018 Meetings

Meetings coordinator: Maria Argüelo
The following is the calendar of meetings for 2018:

MLMUG Members
Pot Luck
This event was cancelled in December 2017 due to weather. We are trying again.
This is an opportunity to enjoy friends, good food, and to swap or sell our Mac and iDevice treasures. Bring your favorite brunch dish to our belated Holiday Buffet and your Mac and iDevice treasures to swap or sell. Also bring your family and friends! Please sign up (below) for food, chilled juices, tables, power requirements, setup and cleanup. MLMUG will provide paper goods, and hot beverages. (Bring serving utensils marked with your name.)
If you wish to sell at the swap meet, register for a table space below. There are electrical outlets if needed. Table signups must be done by Wednesday, January 10th, to ensure you will get your spot. Any hardware you bring must be clearly marked to describe its working condition. Any software transfers must be done legally. MLMUG assumes no responsibility for items sold.
We will provide 2 tables for FREE items. Please make sure that none of your free items remain behind for our crew to dispose.
Festivities will begin promptly at 9:00 AM, so come early enough to have your table set up by then. See times below. Come with your family and friends, prepared to celebrate the Holidays, eat great food, and buy and sell Mac treasures.
Special Guest via Skype is Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus. Bob's pdf charts are 43 MB at full resolution due to many images. You can look at a reduced resolution 1.9 MB version here.  The full resolution version is here.

We had several short (5 -15 min/each) "Show and Tell"   talks by members:
❄ Meltdown & Spectre - Mike Inskeep   Click here for charts
❄ Libby and Audible apps - Stan Horwitz
❄ Interesting iPad apps - Bob Barton  Click here for chart
❄ My Favorite Things - Maria O. Arguello
❄ Sound Settings - Dennis McKay
❄ Nick's Tips to a Better Mac - Nick Iacona Click here for charts

Buffet and Swap Meet Times:
✪  8:30 AM: Populate tables for buffet, swap meet, and freebies
✪  9:00 AM: Begin buying, selling, celebrating, and eating
✪  10:00 AM: Election of Officers and "Show and Tell"
✪  12:00 Noon: Free raffle. Take-down and Cleanup

Visit the MLMUG website for directions or late-breaking updates.
Terry Wilson lives in California now, but is still hosting our online reservations for the meeting. and are web applications developed by her company,
And if you can help with set up and clean up we appreciate the help.
Sign up

Date: January 13
Bob Barton
Bob Barton

Drones - Now and Future
Unmanned Air Systems/Vehicles (UAS/UAV), often called "drones", are rampant in the consumer, professional and military spheres these days. Most carry a camera and have a video link for "first person viewing" (FPV) by the operator. The military versions have optical, infrared and radar sensors and some carry missiles and bombs.
This presentation will provide an overview of what is in use today and look at some interesting applications being developed for future use. If time and weather permit, a live demonstration of one of the more popular consumer models, the DJI Phantom 3, will be provided. Click for charts


Bob is a long-time member of MLMUG. He was Treasurer for several years and is currently Webmaster and Newer Users Special Interest Group leader. He retired from Lockheed-Martin in 2009 from a career in power systems (at GE) and aerospace engineering. Macs have been in the Barton household since Bob's wife, Karen, obtained a Mac Plus for desktop publishing in the 1980's.

Date:February 10
Stan Horwitz
Stan Horwitz

The Basics of Social Media
The Basics of Social Media Stan will explain what social networking is and provide a brief overview of his favorite social networks (e.g., Facebook, twitter, strava, and meetup) and how to use social networks to support personal and professional interests.


Stan lives in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia and he works at Temple University's Computer Services department. 

Date:March 10
Dave Hamilton
Dave Hamilton

Running your Mac Lean, Clean and Mean.


In 1998 Dave Hamilton co-founded The Mac Observer, an online magazine and one of the leading daily news sites for the Macintosh community. Dave is also President and co-founder of BackBeat Media Podcast, a publisher service agency representing the advertising and operations activities of consumer technology-focused websites and podcasts, helping them to grow their businesses. Additionally, Dave is the publisher and co-host of The Mac Geek Gab Podcast, launched in 2005 and one of the top Mac podcasts in the market today.

Click for charts 8 MB pdf 34 pp
Date:April 14

Select one of three

Topics are three concurrent sessions

In the main room
Recent developments in security and privacy ~ Mike Inskeep
Click for charts

In the Multimedia room off the main room
The recent Facebook episode and what you can do ~ Mark Bazrod
Click for charts

In the upstairs room
Run multiple MacOS by partitioning your hard drive ~ Bob Barton
Click for charts

Date: May 12
Fourteenth Annual MLMUG Picnic-in-the-Park

Where: Valley Creek Park, Route 29, East Whiteland

When: 12 Noon - 4 PM (No Raindate)

All members and their families are welcome.
Hamburgers, hot dogs, rolls and condiments will be provided by the MLMUG. All other food and beverages will be brought by attendees.

We'll need: snacks, salads (green and main dish), desserts and beverages (canned sodas, juice, iced tea, bottled water).

No alcoholic beverages in the park! Pets are OK, but must be leashed and cleaned-up after.

It's important that we have accurate numbers, so please RSVP to Gail Montgomery by Tuesday, June 5

Date: June 9

TAB (take a break)


TAB (take a break)

 Joe Kissell
Joe Kissell

Our honored guest will be Joe Kissell, who is coming from California to do two presentations for us.

Topics: Take Control of Your Online Privacy and Your Digital Legacy

~ In this two-in-one special presentation, author and publisher Joe Kissell will cover two important topics, with time for questions and answers about each segment.

First, Joe will address the essential topic of online privacy. Although absolute privacy is neither possible nor desirable, you should be able to control what personal information is available, to whom, and under what circumstances. In this portion of the presentation, Joe explores the many challenges of online privacy and teaches you simple, concrete steps you can take to keep your personal (or business) information private while you are online.

Next, Joe moves on to discuss your digital legacy. You probably have a will, which states your wishes for what will happen to your money and physical possessions after you die. But what about your digital possessions - all your online accounts, email, photos, documents, social media posts, and so on? You need to take steps to make sure it is organized, stored, and preserved in just the right way. Joe will cover the basics of digital estate planning. He will explain why you need a digital will, a digital executor, and a solid strategy for making sure your data outlives you.

Joe will also tell you all about Take Control Books, the business he runs, which publishes many fine books on topics of interest to Apple customers.

Joe's charts (57 pg, 2.3 MB reduced resolution) are Here
Contact webmaster at if you need full resolution (35 MB) charts


Joe Kissell is the author of more than 60 books about technology. As of May 2017, he also became the publisher of Take Control Books, when alt concepts inc. (the company he runs along with his wife, Morgen Jahnke) acquired the Take Control series from TidBITS Publishing Inc.'s owners, Adam and Tonya Engst. Before he began writing full-time in 2003, Joe spent nearly eight years managing software development. He holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a master's degree in Linguistics. In his rare non-work hours, Joe likes to travel, walk, cook, eat, and practice t'ai chi. He and Morgen live in San Diego with their sons, Soren and Devin, and their cat, Zora. 

Date: September 8
  Joe Myshko
Joe Myshko

Topic: Home Automation

The October MLMUG presentation is about home automation. Ever wonder what IOT, Zigbee and ZWave are? What about mesh network technologies and how they integrate with the cloud, such as Alexa and the "Internet of Things."

Joe mentioned biometric (fingerprint) locks, available at Amazon at

Joe's charts (33 pg, 0.8 MB) are Here


Joe Myshko currently works for Comcast as Director of Reliability Engineering, specializing in Big Data.

Joe has designed numerous Internet Gateways for Fortune 500 Companies such as GE, NBC, Vanguard, Mellon Bank, Martin Marietta and Lockheed. His skills include Internet security and especially securing Internet application layer protocols.

Date: October 13

 Bob Levitus
Bob LeVitus

Topic: Working Smarter for Mac Users (and a few of Bob's favorite things)

Bob says: After struggling mightily to write almost 30 books in 10 years, I discovered that I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (often referred to as A.D.H D. Or A.D.D).

As a result, I've been developing strategies and tactics for staying focused and doing more work in less time for at least two decades. And that is what Working Smarter for Mac Users - an online course and an eBook - are all about.

In my presentation I will show you three techniques I guarantee will save you up to an hour a day, every workday fo the rest of your life. And then I'll show you a few of my favorite things.

I will also put something together with an emphasis on tips and tricks for Mojave and iOS 12 (and maybe WatchOS 5). And I will comment on whatever Apple announces although I probably will not have touched them yet. I will also leaving lots of time for q & a and giveaways.

So, if you'd like to do more work in less time and conquer procrastination forever, don't miss my show on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 9 AM.


Bob LeVitus, often referred to as "Dr. Mac", has been one of the world's leading authorities on Apple technology for more than three decades. He's written or co-written more than 85 popular tech books including: macOS Mojave For Dummies, iPhone For Dummies: 12th Edition, and iPad For Dummies: 10th Edition, all for Wiley Publishing.

For the past 22 years Bob has been the Apple technology columnist for the Houston Chronicle, and a columnist for the Mac Observer for as long as he can remember.

One more thing: Bob's big thing now is Working Smarter for Mac Users:, which offers an online course and eBook dedicated to showing Mac users how they can do more work in less time so they have more time for things they love.

Date: November 10
MLMUG Pot Luck Buffet, Member's Show and Tell, and Election of Officers for 2019

The month of December brings an opportunity to enjoy friends and good food. We will not have a scheduled guest speaker. Instead a session called "Show and Tell" will allow members 5, 10, or 15 minutes to present a topic. Please contact Maria O. Argüello at by December 1, with your topic. We invite you to bring a cold or pre-heated sweet or a savory dish to share with us. The library does not allow food heating so nothing with a plug or flame, please. Leftovers need to go home with their donor. MLMUG will provide paper goods and hot beverages. Bring any items you want to give away for the free table. All items that don't find a new owner from the free table will need to go home with their original owner. December is also the time for electing board officers for 2019.

Please sign up with Gail Montgomery by Monday, December the 3rd, so we can prepare space for the food goodies you will share. If you can help with set up and clean up we appreciate the help.

Date: December 8