MLMUG 2017 Meetings

Meetings coordinator: Maria Argüelo
The following is the calendar of meetings for 2017:

 MLMUG Members Mark Bazrod SIRI – “Accomplish More with Your Digital Assistant” –
Mark Bazrod's presentation will cover the use of Siri on your Mac, iPad and iPhone. He'll explain what Siri is, how it works, what hardware is required, and what it can do for you. He'll demonstrate many of the almost unlimited number of questions you can ask it and how to use Siri as your personal assistant. In addition, he'll also show you how to use Siri’s voice recognition capabilities to dictate to your Mac (instead of typing) and how to use speech commands to instruct your Mac (instead of using menu items, keyboard shortcuts, and gestures).
  Mark is currently MLMUG Secretary and has been Newsletter Editor since 2004. He also has been President and Treasurer and a Board member. He has many times been a presenter to both MLMUG and Macs@PACS, and has written more than 100 monthly columns for our Newsletter. Mark bought his first Apple computer in 1978 and currently uses a 20101 27” iMac as his main computer, but finds he uses his iPad almost as often. He has been involved in leasing computers since 1968 and has been active in the leasing industry. His company was one of the first to lease computer software back in 1992. He is sort of retired, but is busier than ever.
January 14
Stan Horwitz Stan Horwitz The Pros and Cons of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
  Stan Horwitz is a long-time MLMUG member and he's been an unofficial Mac evangelist for many years. He works at Temple University in the Computer Services Department. Stan lives in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia with his cat, Darwin and he's an avid photographer.
February 11
Lisa Rysinger Lisa Rysinger VR 360º:Current Virtual Reality Options for Apple Users
Mac users have always been on the bleeding edge of technology, but Apple has yet to fully jump into the Virtual Reality pool. Rumors are rampant that Apple engineers are hard at work developing Augmented Reality glasses. But in the meantime, what’s an Apple lover to do? Never fear, you don’t have to venture to the dark side and buy a PC. There are a few low-end options to give you a virtual taste of what’s to come. For less than $20, you can pick up a Google Cardboard headset and view a variety of VR apps and 360 degree videos on your iPhone. But maybe you want to do more than just explore VR content, perhaps you are interested in creating it? While it’s too soon to get a Mac that can compete with Oculus Rift or Vive, for less than $300, you can invest in a Richo Theta Spherical Digital Camera and shoot and edit 360 videos on your Mac, dipping your toe into the VR pool and exploring the next story telling frontier. Please join me on March 11th to learn more about the current Virtual Reality options available to Apple Users today.

  Lisa Rysinger is an author, speaker, and creative entrepreneaur. For over 20 years, she has owned VIDE Productions, Inc, a digital media company. She was an early adopter of digital video technology and considered an expert in the field, authoring several books on the topic, designing college curriculums, and teaching at area colleges. After the birth of her daughter, she transitioned into screenwriting, and specializes in high concept thrillers.
March 11
Dave Hamilton Dave Hamilton A Better way to Wi-Fi

Choosing a Router in 2017
Wi-Fi is ubiquitous in our homes... until it's not. Our need for Wi-Fi is ubiquitous, but oftentimes we have dead-spots or slow-spots. Heading down the path of extenders and repeaters usually ends in headache. The past year has introduced a variety of new wireless network options, including mesh networks, and this means choosing a router is a different experience than it used to be! Dave Hamilton will walk you through what you need and why so that you can make the best decision for your own home or space.
By attending this talk you'll learn:
  • How to choose a router in 2017?
  • What technologies/features matter for you.
  • What "mesh" means and whether or not you need it.
  • Which router is right for you... and why.
  • How to set it up for optimal success.

Dave's charts are here

  In 1998 Dave Hamilton co-founded The Mac Observer, an online magazine and one of the leading daily news sites for the Macintosh community. Dave is also President and co-founder of BackBeat Media, a publisher service agency representing the advertising and operations activities of consumer technology-focused websites and podcasts, helping them to grow their businesses. Additionally, Dave is the publisher and co-host of The Mac Geek Gab Podcast, launched in 2005 and one of the top Mac podcasts in the market today.
April 8
  TBA Mike Inskeep Principles of digital security, vulnerabilities of Macintosh computers and iOS devices

Attacks on computers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Mike will review general principles of digital security, vulnerabilities of Macintosh computers and iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), and suggest simple steps users can take to protect themselves against attack. These strategies are based on reports of current and emerging threats, his familiarity with the security features of Apple products, and his practical experience helping users, both experienced and naive. His presentation will be aimed at people using personal Macintosh computers or iDevices at home or on the road.

Mike's charts are here

 Mike Inskeep is an Apple Certified Support Professional and member of the Apple Consultants Network. He has been supporting Macintosh computers and other Apple products for 27 years in different capacities: as Director of Microcomputing for the University of Pennsylvania's School of Arts and Sciences; as Technology Coordinator/Teacher for Friends School Haverford; and since 1999 through his independent consulting business, Gentle Computer Helpers website here

May 13
  Picnic Picnic Fourteenth Annual MLMUG Picnic-in-the-Park
Where: Valley Creek Park, Route 29, East Whiteland
When: 12 Noon - 4 PM (No Raindate)
All members and their families are welcome.
Hamburgers, hot dogs, rolls and condiments will be provided by the MLMUG. All other food and beverages will be brought by attendees.

We'll need: snacks, salads (green and main dish), desserts and beverages (canned sodas, juice, iced tea, bottled water).

No alcoholic beverages in the park!Pets are OK, but must be leashed and cleaned-up after.

It's important that we have accurate numbers, so please RSVP to Gail Montgomery by Tuesday, June 5

June 10
  Recess Recess TAB (take a break)
July 8
  Recess Recess TAB
August 12
 Paul Del Rossi Paul Del Rossi – Virtual Machines Exposed

At the Cove by the pool at Hershey's Mill

What Virtual Machines are (and what they are not) will be explored in this talk. We'll do an overview of the following concepts taken from the VMWare Fusion Manual and expand on areas that are useful to the average user and not just the developer, especially in the area of Security.

Features of Virtual Machines

Basic Hardware requirements of the Real (Host) Machine

Virtual Machine Specifications

What's in a Virtual Machine

Apple's Boot Camp Assistant is not a Virtual Machine

Guest Operating Systems

Configuring Your Virtual Machine Manager (Fusion)

Creating Virtual Machines

Running and Working with Virtual Machines

Sharing Files Between Guest (Windows) and Host (Mac), Networking

Protecting Your Virtual Machine, Suspending and Snapshots

Configuring your Virtual Machines

Performance Tuning

Paul's charts are here

  Paul Del Rossi is President and Chief Consultant at PDR Systems, LLC. He is a Computer System Consultant and Engineering Manager with significant skills in the areas of College Level Instruction, Communications, Systems Analysis, Test, Engineering, Management, Training, and technical experience including Internet, Network and Database consulting.

September 9
  Fiona Keyes Fiona Keyes – iPhotography Part II

'The best camera is the one that's with you', to quote Chase Jarvis. Social media has made everyone a photographer. These days we're constantly treated to some amazing cell phone photographs and a plethora of apps for editing and enhancing.
Where does one start?! Join me as we explore a couple of camera apps, along with processing apps and few artistic apps to add a little 'pop' to your photos.
In this overview, we'll review how some of the available camera apps are used and then some fun choices for editing.
Take your cell phone photos to the next level and add some 'wow' your memories!

 Fiona Katarina is an avid autodidact photographer and has been concentrating on digital photography for the last several years. She is a juried Master Artisan of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, an active member of the Chester County Camera Club, Upper Uwchlan Area Camera Club, Chester County Art Association, the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and a juried artist in both the prestigious Malvern Retreat House and Daylesford Abbey Shows. Many of her images have won awards and titles of recognition including the Best in Show award for the body of work submitted for the June 2012 West Chester Plein Air competition.

Photography is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Capturing the true essence and beauty of my subject has always intrigued me, and my love for nature continually leads me to the next micro-universe of discovery. My images represents the various colors, textures, folds and lines that I love to get lost in while admiring the world around me and have evolved into an exploration of the magnificence of detail. The simplicities of our daily passings have become works of art that evoke the feelings of awe and inspiration. I hope you are drawn into my world of amazement.

Fiona's imagery may be seen at

October 14
 MLMUG Members Mark Bazrod

Mark iBazrod will discuss iOS 11, an extraordinary major upgrade of the operating system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the most substantial upgrade of iOS that he has seen in years. It has a host of new and improved features which will make your devices much more useful and also enjoyable. Among the most important new functionalities are the improved Dock, control center, markup, notes, photos formats, keyboards, do not disturb while driving, and Apple pay. He also says the multitasking aspects of the improved slide over and Split View are mind-boggling for those who need to see two apps simultaneously on the screen.

He recommends you install it immediately unless you are using a much needed app that does not yet run under iOS 11.

Mark's presentation charts are here

  Mark Bazrod is currently MLMUG Secretary and has been Newsletter Editor since March 2004. He also has been President, Treasurer and a Board member (the last since 2004). He has many times been a presenter to both MLMUG and Macs@PACS, and has written more than 100 monthly columns for our Newsletter.

Mark bought his first Apple computer around 1978 and currently uses a iMac as his main computer, but finds he uses his iPad almost as often. He has been involved in leasing computers since 1968 and has been active in the leasing industry as a board member, speaker, Foundation trustee, and committee chairman. His company was one of the first to lease computer software back in 1992. He is sort of retired, but is busier than ever.

November 11
 Pot_Luck MLMUG Pot Luck Buffet MLMUG Pot Luck Buffet, Swap and Sell Meet, Member's Show and Tell, and Election of Officers for 2018

Meeting CANCELED due to weather

The month of December brings an opportunity to enjoy friends, good food, and to swap or sell our Mac and iDevice treasures. We will not have a scheduled guest speaker. Instead a session called "Show and Tell" will allow members 5, 10, or 15 minutes to present a topic. Please contact Maria O. Argüello at by December 1, with your topic. We invite you to bring a sweet or a savory dish to share with us. MLMUG will provide paper goods and hot beverages. We will have tables set up for the swap and sell meet. Bring your slightly used but in good working condition hardware, software, books, or periodicals to swap, share, or sell. Bring also any items you want to give away for the free table. MLMUG is not responsible for exchanges or sales. All items that don't find a new owner from the free table will need to go home with their original owner. December is also the time for electing board officers for 2018.

Please sign up by Monday, December the 4th, so we can prepare space for your goods, and the food goodies you will share. We need to know in advance how many tables to set up. And if you can help with set up and clean up we appreciate the help. Sign up here

December 9

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