MLMUG 2016 Meetings

Meetings coordinator: Maria Argüelo
The following is the calendar of meetings for 2016:

 MLMUG Members Mark Bazrod Podcasts
January 9
Stan Horwitz Stan Horwitz Office for Mac 2016 and Apple TV (4th Gen)
Stan will give a brief overview of two new, but unrelated products. First up will be Microsoft Office 16 with Office 365.
Second will be a demo of the Apple's new 4th generation Apple TV device and its new remote control.
About the presenter: Stan Horwitz is a long-time MLMUG member and he's been an unofficial Mac evangelist for many years. He works at Temple University in the Computer Services Department. Stan lives in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia with his cat, Darwin and he's an avid photographer.
February 13
  TBA SIG Leaders Special Interest Groups at Ludington Library
9-10 AM Newer Users
10-11 AM Multimedia
11-12 AM Mac and iOS Systems
March 12
 Michael Inskeep Michael Inskeep iOS Security
As most people are aware, attacks on computers have become dramatically more sophisticated in the last several years. Mike will review security vulnerabilities of iPads and iPhones and suggest simple steps that users can take to protect themselves against attack. These strategies are based on reports of current and emerging threats, his familiarity with the security features of Apple products and his practical experience helping users, both naive and experienced. His presentation will be aimed at people using an iDevice for personal purposes both at home and on the road.
Mike Inskeep has been supporting Macintosh computers and other Apple products for 26 years: as a Microcomputer Support Specialist and then Director of Microcomputing for the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences; as Technology Coordinator/Teacher for Friends School Haverford; and since 1999 through his independent consulting business, Gentle Computer Helpers.
Mike's charts can be viewed Here
April 9
  Bill Achuff Bill Achuff Tips and Tricks To Make Your Images "Pop"

The ability to digitally capture moments in our lives, is now in the hands of almost everyone. Cameras have become as commonplace as has the mobile phone. MY how our lives have changed.

Many of us communicate with one another through photography facilitated by resources like Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook. But just as not everyone who writes, can write WELL, not everyone who snaps a photo can capture an image that can convey a positive message.

Bill will review some of the applications he uses to process the majority of his photos, including some that are free and many that are inexpensive and relatively easy to use. Hes presented on Lightroom and Photoshop in the past, so this time he will steer clear of the mainstream and set sail into lesser charted waters.

"Recently Ive begun trying to differentiate my work, even common photos, from those of others, Bill says, so I make extensive use of applications like: On1 Photo 10, Smart Photo Editor Studio, PostworkShop, FX Photo Studio Pro, photoFXlab, etc. Turning my photos into oils, watercolors, sketches, and cartoons stimulates my imagination beYOND finding the perfect, or NOT so perfect subject, and photographing it in a unique way.

About the presenter: Bill Achuffs most recent career, that of professional photographer, has extended more than a decade. He has chosen not to specialize in one particular genre, instead opting for variety and diversity in the subjects he photographs. News photography gave me that, Bill says, but the need for professional photography has diminished. More and more news outlets are quite content accepting photos from ANYone, so long as they are timely and free.

Bill's presentation charts are Here

May 14
  Picnic Picnic Fourteenth Annual MLMUG Picnic-in-the-Park
Where: Valley Creek Park, Route 29, East Whiteland
When: Saturday, June 11, 2016, 12 Noon - 4 PM (No Raindate)
All members and their families are welcome.
Hamburgers, hot dogs, rolls and condiments will be provided by the MLMUG. All other food and beverages will be brought by attendees.

We'll need: snacks, salads (green and main dish), desserts and beverages (canned sodas, juice, iced tea, bottled water).

No alcoholic beverages in the park!Pets are OK, but must be leashed and cleaned-up after.

It's important that we have accurate numbers, so please RSVP to Gail Montgomery by Tuesday, June 6

June 11
  Recess Recess TAB (take a break)
July 9
  Recess Recess TAB
August 13
 Paul Del Rossi
  Paul Del Rossi

 Michael Inskeep
  Michael Inskeep

 Adam Rice
   Adam Rice
Various MLMUG University Lecture 1:
Common Sense Computing Safe & Secure Computing in Today's World with Paul Del Rossi

This presentation will cover the 10 most common security threats, their terminology, and a brief description of their similarities and differences. After we have become familiar with the names and types of security issues affecting computing in today's world we will review 10 of the best safe computing tips to avoid these common threats. Since the threats and safety tips are multi-modal we will learn the best, and safest, policies, procedures and software to keep our equipment and, most importantly, our information safe from those that want to do us harm.
Paul's Bio: Mr. Del Rossi is a Computer System Consultant /Engineering Manager with significant Skills in the areas of: College Level Instruction, Communications, Systems Analysis, Test, Engineering, Management, Training, and technical experience including Internet, Network and Database consulting.
Management, Consulting, College Level Teaching, Programming, Product Assurance, System Test, and Systems Engineering are among his strong skills. For the last 25 years he has been consulting and teaching in Junior Colleges. His ability to learn and analyze client needs quickly have earned him respect in varied industries.
Mr. Del Rossi has provided Requirements Analyses, Feasibility Studies, System Specifications to his clients. He has developed Internet/Intranet, Client/Server, SQL, Delphi, Paradox/PAL Systems and Services for clients. Most recently he has done Business Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Quality Assurance and Tracking of defects for several Internet and Intranet sites. He has taught College Level Classes in Computer System Architecture, Peripheral Devices, Windows Command Line and Scripting, Fundamentals of Electronic Circuits, Intro to Telecommunications, Digital Electronics, and several Business related courses. He designed a new program for a local 2-year college in the area of Computer Security & Forensics.

MLMUG University Lecture 2:
1Password with Mike Inskeep

Mike will demonstrate how to use 1Password, a password manager with apps for Mac and iOS (so you can securely sync your passwords between your iPhone and iPad and MacBook). Store unique and very strong passwords for all the websites and email addresses you use, as well as confidential information such as credit card info, software licenses, etc. No need to enter your passwords to login to a site.
You can enter passwords or answer security questions with just a few clicks. It has a strong track record of security and has good support.
Mike's Bio:  Mr. Inskeep has been supporting Macintosh computers and other Apple products for 26 years: as a Microcomputer Support Specialist and then Director of Microcomputing for the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences; as Technology Coordinator/ Teacher for Friends School Haverford; and since 1999 through his independent consulting business, Gentle Computer Helpers.

MLMUG University Lecture 3:
Protect your privacy online with Adam Rice

Adam will look at three tools to help protect your privacy online. Learn how to use ad blockers, VPN, and Tor and when you might want to use them. Each of these tools provides a different type of privacy from a different set of observers, so he will talk about what kind of information can be kept private, and from whom.
Adam's Bio: Mr. Rice is an independent computer consultant, supporting Apple technology in small businesses and home offices. His support career began in the Academic Computing lab at Hampshire College in 1993. He was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area one year before Apple Computer.

Paul's charts
Mike's charts
Adam's charts
September 10
  TBA Sue Czarnecki Inside the Tin Man's Heart Part II
An Easy Guide for Do It Yourself Upgrades and Repairs

At Hershey's Mill Community Center

Macs are insanely great! We just love our Macs, because they are reliable, beautiful and run like a charm. But sometimes, they can balk at our commands. They may not startup or shutdown. Ahhh-- DVD stuck in the slot again? The''E'' key on the keyboard not working?

Back by popular demand!! At the October Meeting we will open the computer and take a good look at the very heart of the Mac. Last year (March 2015) we tested and changed the battery, replaced the hard drive and set the jumpers, and added memory (RAM). This year we will change the optical (CD/DVD) drive and the power supply. We also will review procedures you can do to diagnose problems on your sick Mac and move it from the emergency room to the recovery room.

Sue's first Mac was an SE30. It worked faithfully for over 20 years! With a full stable of champion PPC and Intel Macs at home for her family, her favorite Mac is her trusty and sure-footed iBook G4. She is a molecular biologist, cardiovascular researcher, and a summer stargazer.

October 8
  Bob Bob 'Dr. Mac' LeVitus Dr. Mac (Bob LeVitus) presents: Working Smarter for Mac Users 2016

The meeting will be at the Hershey's Mill Community Center

To help defray travel costs for Bob, MLMUG will raffle a $100 store gift certificate donated by Yukio Tezuka, owner of McMobile and MacSensei. Tickets will available from Maria at the November 12 meeting and the raffle drawing will be done by Bob at the end of the meeting. McMobile / MacSensei is at 1720 S. State Rd, Upper Darby, PA 19082 and the phone there is 610-734-2222. The MacSensei website is Here.

Bob's presentation this year is Working Smarter for Mac Users, based on his soon-to-be-released e-book of the same name. His goal with Working Smarter is simple: "To help Mac users do more work in less time without procrastinating so they have more time to do the things they love."

In addition to tips for working smarter, Bob will demo "a few of my favorite things-" a selection of software and hardware he uses, loves, and can recommend without hesitation.

Plus: Do you know the best thing about being a Mac user? Well Bob does, and he'll be happy to show and tell you.

Bob's current full bio is Here. An excerpt is: Bob LeVitus, often referred to as "Dr. Mac," is a leading authority on the Macintosh, Mac OS X, and other Apple products such as iPads and iPhones. One of the Apple community's most trusted gurus for over twenty five years, he's known for his trademark humorous style and unerring ability to translate "techie" jargon into usable and fun advice for regular folks.

A prolific author, LeVitus has written or co-written more than 80 popular computer books, with millions of copies sold worldwide in more than a dozen languages. His recent titles include: iPad For Dummies 9th Edition, iPhone For Dummies 10th Edition, and macOS Sierra For Dummies, all for Wiley Publishing.

Bob has been the Apple technology columnist for the Houston Chronicle, penning the popular Dr. Mac column each Tuesday for over 20 years. He's also written his Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves column for The Mac Observer since 2003.

Bob has also been published in more than a dozen computer magazines over the past twenty five years.

November 12
    TBA MLMUG Pot Luck Buffet MLMUG Pot Luck Buffet, Swap and Sell Meet, Member's Show and Tell, and Election of Officers for 2017
The month of December brings an opportunity to enjoy friends, good food, and to swap or sell our Mac and iDevice treasures. We will not have a scheduled guest speaker. Instead a session called "Show and Tell" will allow members 5, 10, or 15 minutes to present a topic. Please contact Maria O. Argüello at by December 1, with your topic. We invite you to bring a sweet or a savory dish to share with us. MLMUG will provide paper goods and hot beverages. We will have tables set up for the swap and sell meet. Bring your slightly used but in good working condition hardware, software, books, or periodicals to swap, share, or sell. Bring also any items you want to give away for the free table. MLMUG is not responsible for exchanges or sales. All items that don't find a new owner from the free table will need to go home with their original owner. December is also the time for electing board officers for 2017.
Please sign up by Wednesday, December the 7th, so we can prepare space for your goods, and the food goodies you will share. We need to know in advance how many tables to set up. And if you can help with set up and clean up we appreciate the help. Sign up at: - Or contact Gail Montgomery at .
December 10