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The Entire Curmudgeon Collection

Illustrations by Matt Mucha

For your viewing pleasure:

The Original Curmudgeon Collection
24 very old, randomly selected, Moegoes of note. Each one opens in its very own (new) browser window!

Curmudgeon Collection II
24 more!
Completes the entire "Early Days" collection.
Includes TattooMoe, the one that started it all!

Curmudgeon Collection III
The "medieval" period, arranged chronologically from April 2001 through February 2003. A collection to be cherished and revered. This collection shows maturation far beyond its pixels

Curmudgeon Collection IV
The "intermediate" days, arranged chronologically from March 2003 through February 2005. Unbelievable stretches! Filled with many "can't-be-done"s, including duals, triples, and even fourples

Curmudgeon Collection V
More intermediates, from the Moerax on a pink iPod mini (Mar 2005) to MoeBart with an iPhone (Feb 2007), 24 wacky Moegoe morphs of men, women, animals, cartoon characters and even inanimate objects.

Curmudgeon Collection VI
The latest and awesomest of all the Moegoes in captivity.
Updated oftenly (or less). Do not miss it!

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©2001 - 2007 by Moe Comeau, Matt Mucha, and MLMUG
Updated 05/09/07