DiPiano's Notes

A Report of What Went on at the Last Meeting

By Tony DiPiano, MLMUG Secretary

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January 12, 2013 Meeting

The general meeting was held at the Conference Center of the Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli, PA. Mark Bazrod opened the meeting just after 9 AM. Three Special Interest Group meetings (Beginners, Mac OS/iOS, and Multimedia) were held. The MultiMedia group's topic was Time Lapse Photography.

There were about 75 attendees, including five visitors. The main meeting started around 10:15 and continued until about 11:40. The raffle followed.

Ben R., Mark and others answered several audience questions. Among them were questions about content from Comcast and Verizon FIOS. We talked about how to use the FIOS and Comcast apps to watch content and control your TV from your iPad. Some of the other questions were about email hacking, and how to use AirPlay with .

Main Meeting — The Art of a Good Photograph by Paul Simeone
Paul is a creative, award-winning professional commercial photographer. He's been in the business for about 40 years and has also been a Mac user for about 40 years. Check out his web site at www.jpaulsimeone.com. Note: MLMUG member Philip Lustig was instrumental in bringing Paul to MLMUG.

Paul started off with a sampling of his Legends of Rock photo collection from the 60's and 70's. We're talking Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Jim Morrison, and more.

The presentation turned to an adventure as he took us thru his experience while shooting for Devon Direct's "Be First" ad campaign. The purpose was to get a photo of the first light of the millennium. The shot was done on Pitt Island. He showed photos of the gear that was used for the shot. The equipment weighed in at around 6 tons. He showed photos he took along the way and talked about the technical aspects of working with actual photographic film. He brought signed posters of this project for MLMUG to raffle off.

His work for the Franklin Mint catalog offered him the opportunity to learn different techniques to shoot 'table top' products. It requires a studio and lighting equipment. It's all shot with a digital camera. He uses a 40 MB camera back and stores images on a Compact Flash card.

He showed photos he took for the Lenox collection. He works with an art director to come up with a concept and then delivers the final photographs. Although most of his images are created in the studio using appropriate lighting, he sometimes uses Photoshop for a little touch-up.

He did some catalog work for Disney, Wedgewood china, Macy's, and others. He sometimes uses acrylic ice cubes and glass bubbles to enhance liquid beverage images. These photos can be viewed on his website, www.jpaulsimeone.com. Click on the Advertising and Commercial Work tabs.

He talked about how to use light banks to illuminate your subject matter and how to create highlights. When doing location shoots, he brings his own sun. "Lighting is key" when it comes to giving your subject form. His photo of the Benedetto $30K guitar was impressive.

Then on to food photography. You can see some of his work at Carlino's Specialty Foods in West Chester, PA. He showed how to use diffusion filters with gels to add color to a photo and produce interest effects in the shadows.

He showed some of his work for Delaware Community College. He uses various lenses and camera angles.

His latest project is putting together a photo workshop in Tuscany, Italy this coming May. The course will include a day trips to various sites, a cooking class and wine tasting. Oh yeah, there will be a good deal of photography instruction. He'll show you how to see things a little bit differently to take better photos. You'll need to contact him via his web site, www.jpaulsimeone.com, for specifics.

When he doing location shooting, he's tethered to his laptop via WiFi. His clients can see the photos as he's taking them on his iPad. You couldn't do this in years past with film.

He demonstrated why lighting is an important element in portrait photography by creating a live studio during our meeting. Strong lighting can be used to accent your subject. When photographing a model, a hair and makeup professional can help. He shared tips for capturing unique and compelling images as well as his effective workflow and how he stays competitive and viable as a good photographer.

On to the live demonstration. MLMUG member Philip Lustig was called upon to be the day's photo model. Paul's Nikon D800 was connected to his flash equipment wirelessly via a device called a PocketWizard. This allows him to move around and fire his strobes without worrying about wires. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and this demo had to be cut short.

Barbara R. was awarded a 16 GB SanDisk flash drive for winning the Photographer of the Year contest.

Raffle Winners
The following items were offered in the free raffle:

  • iPad2 keyboard stand and case donated by Bud
  • OS-X Mountain Lion, the Missing Manual donated by O'Reily Media
  • iPad cover donated by the MLMUG Raffle Fund
  • Vaas headphones donated by the MLMUG Raffle Fund
  • LED headlamp donated by the MLMUG Raffle Fund
  • Top X Notes donated by Tropic4 Software
  • Apple Tape Dispenser donated by Bob B, 2 ea.
  • Touch Stylus Pen donated by the MLMUG Raffle Fund

The meeting adjourned shortly before noon.

— Tony DiPiano
MLMUG Secretary

©2013 by Tony DiPiano, and MLMUG
Posted 01/24/13
Updated 01/25/13